The Best Part About Buying Diamonds

Buying DiamondsSure, I get it…

It’s 2018. Diamonds are supposed to be so passe.

But honestly, they’re totally not. Diamonds are still one of the most beautiful gemstones on the planet. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little bling on your ring, especially when it’s for an occasion like an engagement or wedding.

Nowadays, diamonds seem to be getting a bad rep. And younger people aren’t buying as much as older people used to.

But that’s not the biggest problem in the world. Because there are still a ton of people (like me) who love shopping for diamonds.

And there are a few reasons for that:

  • a diamond’s strength
  • a diamond’s beauty
  • I just like shiny stuff!

So you don’t have to be with me but if you are, let’s explore why diamonds are still such a great gemstone to put into your favorite jewelry settings.

A Diamond’s Beauty

Have you ever seen a stone with such brilliance? Sure there are some other amazing gemstone options out there, but none are quite like the diamond.

A diamond has special characteristics that make it reflect light and shine like no other stone in existence. Why else do you think they are so coveted and precious? Because of that shine, baby!

And who doesn’t love blinding someone with their diamond ring or necklace while walking down the street?

That’s right folks, if you see me coming down the sidewalk towards you, get those sunglasses out because I’m about to shine like the star I am.

And I could go on about other aspects of a diamond that I love, but really… what’s the point? It’s all about that bling bling shiny thing on my ring.

The prestige it brings is a whole other story. And if you’re a guy, well there’s the strength of the stone too.

Either way, there’s no point in arguing with me. Diamonds are still the best. And I still want them all! Are you with me?