Marriage and Engagement

Girls, you imagined a million times and wondered if that would happen and where. It will be like a scene from a romantic movie you’ve looked at or something unusual. Perhaps romantic, and maybe silly. And then this act finally happens. You will be questioned and surprised by a diamond ring purchase! And you agree – you say YES!


Marriage and engagementYou are now a fiancĂ©e, and you can enjoy how much you enjoy this status. But it follows you for something other than that wonderful feeling in you, congratulations and answering the question again – And how did he ask you? Namely, the custom that has remained largely depends on the fact that, after verification, the families of future young people are first introduced. Usually, your parents are the ones who make a lunch or dinner and thus accommodate the fiancĂ© and his parents.


We all dream about someone who will know us better than others and who will accept us with all the virtues and flaws. This need is quite natural because closeness fills our heart with the feeling of happiness and acceptance. People who have managed to achieve this in the marriage know how important it is, but also know that achieving true closeness is a kind of emotional risk.

Overcome the differences

healthy marriageThe patriarchal belief that a man has a dominant role can cause problems in the marriage, especially today, when social circumstances have changed and when a woman can also take over the domination. The problem that can arise is the difference in education.

That is why partners need to change mutually, aligning these differences. It is most important to find the right measure of adaptation in relation to the needs of common life and your own personal needs. For example, a partner who earns more, and in doing so leads a dynamic life, can feel like a prisoner of a family.

Communication with a partner should go towards identifying the needs of partners, discussing and agreeing on how to satisfy them. Quality communication is the basis of a healthy marriage, but it is not based on formal interviews of “dear, how you spent the day” type.